Rob paints in oil and is inspired and attracted to light and reflections, with an exquisite attention to tone and detail. His work possesses an appeal which is timeless, with the use of blending traditional Old Masters' techniques with a contemporary setting and feel and with harmony of colour, shadow and composition. This gives his paintings an individuality, merging both contemporary and traditional styles.

Born and brought up in London, Rob always had a passion for art since a young child and was continually drawing. In 1993 aged 27 and with no formal training, Rob turned to painting professionally.


Working continually with his passion and refining his skill over many years, his work has become much admired leading to a successful career, with galleries and clients eager to purchase all that Rob can paint. Rob's work has been well established internationally, and paintings are represented in over 45 countries worldwide.


He has received the following awards:

Florida Miniature Art Society: Award for Interior or Still Life.

2012 Hilliard Society of Miniaturists: The President's Choice, Still Life.

2011 Hilliard Society of Miniaturists: work purchased by them for their permanent collection.

The Royal Miniature Art Society: Award presented by Rupert Maas (Antique Roadshow's art critic). 

The Royal Miniature Art Society (Mall Galleries): Joyce Rowsell Award of Excellence.

2011 The Royal Miniature Art Society (Mall Galleries): Best collection of five or more miniature works.

2011 The Royal Miniature Art Society (Mall Galleries): President's Special Commendation

2010 Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, London: For Outstanding Miniature Painting 2010.