Hazel Mountford is a Bristol based painter of wildlife. Her paintings are highly detailed, presented on simple or minimal backgrounds and are a celebration of the importance and beauty of nature.

Hazel studied theatre design at Wimbledon School of Art and to further her understanding of our dynamic planet, completed another degree in Earth Sciences. She originally worked as a props maker and muralist before following her passion to become a professional fine artist.

The main theme of her artwork is the constantly evolving competition for space between humans and animals and between animal species. Observing that nature have inevitably been pushed to the fringes, she uses her art to gives them a call for space. She is very passionate of the wildlife she paints, immersing herself in understanding their characteristics, behaviour and the threats or successes they face. Painting life-size, she allows the viewer to fully appreciate the real occupancy of the species. Her animals peer out of the painting, fixing the viewer with an intense fleeting gaze, capturing a moment of understanding, a connection formed between worlds.

Hazel’s paintings have been featured in Art of England, the BBC Wildlife Magazine, Artists and Illustrators and the RA Magazine. She has had numerous solo shows across the UK and regularly exhibits in London, Brussels, New York, Toronto, Singapore and Hong Kong. Three times finalist in David Shepherd WAY competition, she is the winner of the prestigious BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year - British Mammals.