David Eustace was born in Birmingham in 1950. At school his art teachers recognised his talent and encouraged him to follow a career in art, but owing to financial constraints he was forced to take up a carpentry apprenticeship. It was not until he was 21 that he was able to return to education, when he took an Art Foundation Course at Sutton Coldfield School of Art, Birmingham, followed by a degree course in Fine Arts at Exeter College of Art and teacher training at Leicester Polytechnic. After completing his training David Eustace spent six years living and working as a muralist in the USA.


Since returning to the UK in 1986 David has divided his time between being a professional painter and playing music - for 25 years he was drummer in a blues band, Junkyard Angels, and he now plays in a jazz quartet, Shufflebones.


David Eustace’s work has been exhibited throughout the UK, his very successful solo shows including the Royal Albert Museum Art Gallery, Exeter.  David Eustace has also won a number of awards including membership of the Royal Society of British Artists in 2003, and in the same year he became winner of the RBA David Wolfers Memorial Prize.