Artist & Author

Happiness joy and humour

I've been creating art for donkey's years and my main task has been to bring a smile to the viewer. I honestly feel that primary bright colours and perspective distortion seem to do the job.

When I go into my studio I enter the 'Happy Place' and I know in my heart that whatever I set my mind to create it must contain happiness, joy and humour.

I always create a body of work that has the drive to go forward and entertain the viewer but never to challenge them.

The latest works are all about being on holiday and believe me when I sit at my easel I go to the places I paint. I hear the sea and the seagulls plus the warmth of the sun.

I have fallen in love with Cornwall and I know I could paint the heavenly place forever or maybe a day longer.

I've had a very varied career in the art World and exhibited all over the shop and even been on the telly.

I've written eight children's books and published all plus I am a member of the 'Society of Authors' which ain't bad...I also have some of my works in the Royal collection plus other posh places.

I studied at Birmingham University and I also have the accent to boot.

When you look at my work only see 'fun' in it and you'll be on a winner.

Thanks for reading my blurb. x