Artist Statement:

I make functional, wheel-thrown porcelain ceramics in small batches from my garden studio in Carshalton, South London, by the railway line.  I aim for simple designs with clean lines and muted colour palettes that are practical and work in most homes and on any dining table.  After throwing on the wheel, drying and turning, each piece is biscuit-fired, glazed and high-fired to 1260 degrees, making it food safe, dishwasher safe and stain resistant.  the decorative design is applied by carving fine lines into the porcelain at leather hard stage and coloured slip (liquid clay) is then inlaid into the lines. when the inlaid slip dries, the excess is "turned" away to reveal the design.  The exterior surfaces are often left unglazed and are then diamond polished to create a tactile contrast between the raw porcelain clay and the glazed surfaces