Catherine Hyde trained in Fine Art Painting at the Central School of Art, London. Originally from the South East of England, Cathering Hyde now lives in Cornwall and exhibits nationally.

Catherine Hyde says "I use the archetypal hare, stag, owl and fish as emblems of wildness, fertility and permanence; their movement and journeys through the paintings act as  vehicles that bind the elements and the seasons together. Catherine Hyde`s landscapes are simple and semi-abstract and usually tonally dark and mellow. Catherine Hyde builds the surface with layers of paint, gels and glazes, suspending gold and copper leaf, mica flakes, sea glasss and shells. Hidden within the images are suggestions of the poet in the landscape; the lit house amongst the trees, a small figure in a boat or a solitary figure aginst the horizon. Sometimes sheets of colour and sunlight floor the surface, leaving pools of gold and shadow, fleeting suggestions of heat and light or approaching weather. Against the stillness of her landscapes it is the implied movements and cyclical journeys of the animals, fish and birds that act as the narrative vehicle that binds the elements and the seasons together within the paint.