1,000 years ago, Chinese ceramic artists found a better way to capture fleeting artistic inspiration for eternity. 

“Yin” clay – pliable and ephemeral - was blended with secret ingredients, and transmuted by the most extreme “yang” attainable at the time – the searing white heat of the dragon kilns of Yue – into an artist’s dream – something between stoneware and glass - permanent - unravaged by time – porcelain!

Thanks to its immutability, a wealth of exquisite, ancient Chinese porcelain art survives in pristine condition, and such is the continuity of time and porcelain, that such art produced in the ancient past, would inspire an artist from the far distant future, to study the way of porcelain


Thus Marion Stewart began her porcelain journey in 1982.  Within a decade, she had been commissioned by a notable German fine art company, to produce the master wildlife sculptures for two limited edition series - of which one piece became a WWF global catalogue item – while her porcelain originals continued to appear in the finest galleries - as well as the Crown Jewellers. 


Currently she is exploring animal stylization, colour and pattern, as well as the mythology of dragons and Chinese spirit stones – the “Gongshi”.  All of her elegant, hand-made porcelain sculptures are signed and dated, as well as being traditionally glazed and high-fired.


The Chinese have a saying:  The teacher opens the door, but the pupil must enter alone.  In 2017 Marion Stewart gained a fine art degree.  Her exhibition piece - 2,017 tinkling white porcelain cups on a black mirror finish - has been widely acclaimed by artists and collectors alike.