Terry Rushworth was born in Lancashire in 1950. He studied art at Oldham Art School and then went on to receive a BA Hons from Manchester Polytechinc in Fine Art (Painting).

As a child, he suffered serious medical conditions that meant he spent long periods of time in hospital. It was there that he found solace in drawing as a way to combat the months of boredom that stretched before him. It was from this form of self-imposed therapy that a real passion for art evolved, allowing him to create an imaginary world that he could escape to and explore through his art.
He exhibited throughout the 70’s and 80’s all over the UK alongside the likes of David Hockney before moving into special needs educational software development and teaching. However the urge to return to painting was persistent and growing.

He hopes that,  in his latest work,  his images evoke the sense of wonder he has for the English landscape, folk traditions and stories, coupled with a fascination with childhood, dreams and the myths and symbolism found in art and literature. He wants his work to surprise, intrigue and stimulate the viewer to build their own personal interpretation and narrative. He hopes that his work illustrates lyrical, dramatic and mysterious stories steeped in the eerie melancholy of the English countryside.


His work is strongly influenced by artists as diverse as Vermeer, Samuel Palmer and movements such as Surrealism, the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and The Ruralists' movement of the 1970’s.