Ruth has been working with glass for over twenty years, although she came from a background of Woven Textiles. She has attended many masterclasses including North Lands Creative Glass, UK and Bullseye Resource Centre, USA which enabled her to develop and experiment with shape, form and colour.   


Ruth won the ‘Glass Sellers’ Award at the British Glass Biennale 2015 and her artwork has appeared in ‘Crafts’ and Crafts International. She has received many awards form the Welsh Arts Council and is a member of the Contemporary Glass Society and the Makers Guild of Wales. Her can be seen work in many UK galleries including London Glassblowing, Contemporary Applied Art and European galleries and has sold internationally.


Ruth’s vessels are kiln-formed glass made through the ‘drop ring’ method. They are constructed in two separate steps; each step takes a day to heat and cool.  Initially, she designs her patterns and translates them into glass by cutting and arranging small coloured pieces of glass and placing them closely on their edge. When the design is finished, it is heated in a kiln to create a thick patterned piece of glass.   When properly annealed and cooled, it is returned to the kiln and is suspended on an open mould. Heat is then applied, and gravity stretches the suspended glass to the floor of the kiln. When the desired shape is achieved, it is cooled, the centre is released out of the rim, cut to shape, and coldworked into the finished vessel.