British artist Hilary LaForce makes one-off ceramic pieces, inspired by both natural objects and ancient classical vessels, with tactile, textural surfaces and vibrant colours. The influence of the elements - wind, water, earth and fire - are both implied and literally employed in the execution of the pots themselves. 

The majority of the pieces are coil-built, while others are made with slip and press moulds. White stoneware or porcelain are now her preferred clays. Glazes are applied in multiple layers until the desired - or sometimes the unexpected - effect is achieved. Currently Hilary’s work is following two themes: the azure blues and turquoises; and the pale oyster glazes. Both have eroded and volcanic surfaces in varying combinations.


Hilary LaForce studied at Ipswich School of Art (1976-78) and West Surrey College of Art & Design, Farnham (1978-81). She exhibits widely in London and throughout the UK, and her work has also been shown abroad, including Portugal, Hong Kong and the USA.