Peter Heard: Solo Exhibition

The late, wonderful Sandy Denny, of Fairport Convention, wrote and sang a great song called “Who knows where the time goes”

This will be my seventh solo show with John Noott Galleries, a happy partnership; and the fifteenth of my painting career.

I am eighty this year, so goodness knows where the time has gone!

In this time, I have never thrown a brush away, always used the best sable and at the last count I have 1,750 worn-out old friends – a few hours there then!

Luckily we artists, musicians, actors etcetera, never stop working until we finally keel over.  Creativity in all its forms brings a balance of joy, peace and serenity in our troubled world and it is good to be a part of it.

This new show is a self-indulgent, eclectic mix of favourite themes – lighthouses, houses, cars, skies, people and landscape.

I do wish I had a Cadillac Eldorado!

Enjoy the show.