Duncan MacGregor’s inspiration has always come from the sea. He and his wife have sailed the Atlantic together in a little 34-foot yacht and have experienced the frustration of endless windless days – and the extremes of 65mph winds and huge seas. They now sail mainly on the west coast of Scotland and the Norfolk Broads where Duncan MacGregor was brought up .
The unique manner in which Duncan MacGregor captures this relationship with all things to do with the sea is encompassed in his energetic and spontaneous style of his painting. Acrylic paint is richly and thickly applied, mostly with a palette knife, in confident strokes that give his subject matter a wide appeal. The sensual way he is able to bring life and movement to the water brings a reflective element to all his maritime paintings.

Since his first solo show with us in Broadway almost 20 years ago, Duncan MacGregor has very quickly become established as one of Britain’s most celebrated marine artists and his work is now held in collections all over the world.  


While at first glance Duncan’s dynamic paintings seem almost minimal, closer examination reveals previously unseen depths, hidden messages and a wealth of pattern and detail that has been ingeniously composed and woven into each vivid narrative. He says: “While I try to convey the energy and vibrancy of a scene, I also strive to achieve a sense of calm; I like the idea of communicating aspects that might not at first be obvious: the more you look, the more you see.”