Hilary is a contemporary ceramic artist producing vessels and functional ware using the process of hand built, slip decorated stoneware slabs. A lifelong career as a graphic designer, coupled with an interest in surface pattern design have influenced Hilary’s current body of work. The thematic focus of the work is specifically inspired by her mother’s clothing that featured vibrant 1950s patterns which are captured in her work from both her memories of her mother and old family photographs. Hilary’s starting point was researching ideas about belonging, home and a sense of place. This reflective thinking flowed into investigating the form and pattern of her mother’s garments translated into clay. She uses slips, paper resist and sgraffito onto the clay then constructs vessels from these highly decorated slabs. Her intention is to evoke the fun, emotion and utopian aims of the 1950s in contrast to post war austerity. The work Hilary produces is a colourful, sculptural and contemporary interpretation of an influential era in her life.


Hilary uses the technique of hand built slabs of stoneware clay. The surface decoration is applied on green ware using slips, paper resist, slip trailing and sgraffito onto the clay. Hilary then constructs her vessels and domestic ware from these highly decorated slabs. They are bisq fired to 1000º, have a transparent glaze applied then high fired to 1220º.

Hilary was awarded Student of the Year at her degree show.