Thomas Blinks

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Thomas Blinks was a London painter specialising in sporting and animal pictures. Despite paternal opposition to his early interest in art, and a fruitless apprenticeship with a tailor, Blinks finally followed his artistic leanings. Although he received no formal training, his understanding of horse anatomy and action were learnt from observation at Tattersalls. Thomas Blinks first exhibited at the Dudley Gallery in 1881, the Royal Society of British Artists in 1882, and regularly at the Royal Academy from 1883 to 1910. His paintings are much admired for his ability to combine accuracy of observation with freedom of brushwork and a polished finish. Blinks was particularly good at conveying the pose and psychology of sporting dogs at work, and was considered one of the best Victorian painters of foxhounds. His work is represented in the collection of Her Majesty the Queen, the Leicester Museum and Art Gallery, and Preston Manor, Brighton.

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