Alan King P.A.I.

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In 1964 Alan King received a place to study at one of the UK's finest and most recognizable Art Schools, the Glasgow School of Art, designed by Charles Rennie MacIntosh.

After graduation Alan decided to pass on the skills he had learnt at Art School and train to become a teacher. He excelled in this profession for nearly thirty years prior to committing to painting full time. Alan said that "I have enjoyed the experience of trying to put into practice the work ethic and lessons of teaching art full time. I am interested in the process of painting and am constantly investigating and reading about the materials and the craft of painting."

Alan was a member of the Paisley Art Institute. He was also a member of the esteemed Glasgow Art Club and was elected PAI in 2006.

It is no surprise that King's work is displayed in many collections all over the UK.   He successfully cultivated a solid reputation in the UK art industry. His most famous works featuring the Red Hat are increasingly sought after. These contemporary pieces display dramatically Alan's ability to tell stories through his work. Many of his pieces are based upon novels and poetry Alan King was particularly drawn to the art of the Italian Renaissance and the literary works of Dante as sources of inspiration.

The creation of Kings abstract artwork is very interesting. First he develops miniature life models and a theatre in which to position them. He will then photograph these figures under different lighting and backgrounds. Alan will then bring this process to a close by painting a new (usually large) striking original with oil paints on canvas.

Status: For sale. Title: We reigned from Tuscany Price: £5,750.00
Title : We reigned from Tuscany
Size : 28.00" x 30.00"
Medium : Oil
Price : £5,750.00
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We reigned from Tuscany by Alan King P.A.I.

Status: For sale. Title: The man who ate fire Price: £4,950.00
Title : The man who ate fire
Size : 25.00" x 27.00"
Medium : Oil
Price : £4,950.00
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The man who ate fire by Alan King P.A.I.

Status: For sale. Title: Sad head 2011 Price: £850.00
Title : Sad head 2011
Size : 5.00" x 3.50"
Medium : Oil
Price : £850.00
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Sad head 2011 by Alan King P.A.I.


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