David Freedman

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British sculptor David Freedman has been blacksmithing for over 15 years. At first he produced traditional forge work - which he still makes, although his designs now have become more sculptural and he uses new as well as traditional methods.  During his studies in London David Freedman attended the Slade School of Art, training in life drawing. This influenced his metalwork, inspiring him to create unique sculptures, going against the trend for abstract sculpture he has always preferred to make figurative work.

Wrought ironwork lends itself well to sculpture as it can be worked using a variety of techniques, including hot forgework and welding. David Freedman has developed new techniques, using a power hammer to mould steel plate which is then cut to shape, re-welded and re-worked. He also works in bronze, wood, copper and other media, preferring to be hands-on rather than contracting out any of the making process.

Status: For sale. Title: Large Seed pod Price: £240.00
Title : Large Seed pod
Size : 95.00" h
Medium : Metalwork
Price : £240.00
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Large Seed pod by David Freedman

Status: For sale. Title: Medium Seed pod Price: £160.00
Title : Medium Seed pod
Size : 63.00" h
Medium : Metalwork
Price : £160.00
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Medium Seed pod by David Freedman


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