Terence Clarke

Terence Clarke

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Contemporary landscape and still life painter Terence Clarke is highly regarded for his use of vivid colour and strong drawing combined with a distinctive flattened perspective – an instantly recognisable style. Influences range from Matisse to the Scottish Colourists, and his work is often filled with an intense light, giving it a distinctly Mediterranean feel.

Terence Clarke’s work is focused on the use of vibrant and intense colour. His themes range from Mediterranean landscapes, to still life and the occasional figure and portrait pieces. His paintings are carefully structured using a confident skilful and strong drawing whilst the paint is applied generously in rich bold strokes.

He says:

In a sense I am a painter of light. I use colour as a way of emphasising the drama of light. Vivid colour is a metaphor for light itself and often this sense of light is the underlying subject of my paintings. I like my paintings to be painterly so that although the image is clear and readable the paint itself has a rich and sensuous life of its’ own letting the viewer enjoy the way the paint works

 Born in 1953, Terence Clarke had his early training in his native Lancashire before attending the Royal College of Art, where he received an MA in painting in 1979. His work has been exhibited widely across the UK and hangs in many public collections, notably the Contemporary Art Society.

Status: For sale. Title: Ils St Honorat, Cote d'Azur Price: £1,800.00
Title : Ils St Honorat, Cote d'Azur
Size : 18.00" x 22.00"
Medium : Oil
Price : £1,800.00
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Ils St Honorat, Cote d'Azur by Terence Clarke

Status: For sale. Title: Wild poppies Price: £1,600.00
Title : Wild poppies
Size : 18.00" x 15.00"
Medium : Oil
Price : £1,600.00
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Wild poppies by Terence Clarke

Status: For sale. Title: Apples & tulips Price: £1,250.00
Title : Apples & tulips
Size : 16.00" x 16.00"
Medium : Oil
Price : £1,250.00
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Apples & tulips by Terence Clarke